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SR10: WFC Receives a Major Overhaul

SR10: WFC Receives a Major Overhaul

As companies continue to recover from COVID-19 fallout, easy business solutions with big impact drive decisions. In step with that goal, UKG recently rolled out Service Release 8.1.10 for Workforce Central (WFC) users — and what we see has us pretty psyched. 

Our Application Consultants dug through the 72-pages of release note gold to uncover what we believe to be some of the biggest functionality gains for WFC users. 

User Wins

UKG has committed to alternating between Feature Releases and Service Releases quarterly. While feature releases are typically more exciting, service releases provide users targeted solutions to common frustrations, making these releases more impactful.

SR10 is a Service Release created based on shared requests within the UKG Community (i.e., YOU!). Here are a few of the top wins.

WFC Platform. In SR9, users confronted a problem in which percent allocations and adjustment rules remained unassigned whenever users saved the People Record. This glitch caused issues with versioning and duplicated work every time UKG Admin worked with the People Record. SR10 alleviates this headache.

WFC Leave. A common report for users is the Leave Hours Detail report. In prior versions of 8.1, this report displayed incorrect totals when a Leave Case included multiple rules. This reporting error becomes a big problem if employees have overtime, holiday, or alternative PTO types in a Leave Case, which is typical for extended periods. Those totals now calculate correctly. 

WFC Device Manager. There is a new enhancement for users with timeclocks to enable a global setting to display a yellow device status when the device contains uncollected punches of biometric data. This dynamic status is a huge win for organizations with physical clocks because managers can now quickly identify problems with punches rather than waiting until Payroll day to catch errors. This fix can also signal to a UKG Admin if a clock is offline or not reporting correct punches unexpectedly, minimizing the likelihood of missed punches.

WFC Scheduler. If your organization does not require attachments for Time-Off Requests, you've likely run into this error in Schedule Planner: "This time-off request requires an attachment. You do not have permission to attach files to requests". Previously this error displayed even if you had disabled the Document Attachment feature. The system-generated error is now resolved (meaning you don't have to upload a random blank PDF anymore to bypass the problem).

WFC Timekeeper. UKG slipped in this semi-feature to SR10 to resolve an issue and provide a solution simultaneously. This new global value allows the system to process a specific type of labor level transfer. Use this value to access the feature: global.TimeCard.accountAuthorizationForLaborLevelTransfer.

Improvements at every turn!

Upcoming for WFC in 2021

UKG has committed to a quarterly release schedule, alternating between Service and Feature releases. There are three areas that UKG is focusing on during the remainder of 2021:

  • Security

  • Technology

  • Manager Effectiveness

Security Improvements. System security tops the priorities in 2021, as global trends predict remote working to continue throughout the year.

Technology Updates. Advancing HRM technology will be a priority for 2021 as companies innovate and Workforce Community's needs continue to emerge.

Manager Effectiveness. This year, a hot topic is optimizing Manager impact within an organization, making this an ongoing feature focus, as requested by countless community members.

We believe the fixes found in WFC 8.1.10 — and the great system focus for 2021 — will boost efficiency, ease stress, and give UKG managers better outcomes (and fewer headaches) in the year ahead. 

Attn: UKG Admins

In line with UKG's 2021 goal of software enhancements that improve manager effectiveness, Improv has designed online WFC courses with UKG managers in mind! 

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