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Transform Your Recruiting Process with This Job Bidding Add-On for UKG

Transform Your Recruiting Process with This Job Bidding Add-On for UKG

If you haven’t noticed, the HR world is evolving at warp speed. In addition to the latest UKG software advances, there’s now technology that can amplify your recruiting efforts, specifically Job Bidding. If you're a UKG Dimensions or ADP customer, lean in because you’re going to want to hear this.  

What’s Job Bidding? 

Job bidding (not to be confused with schedule or vacation bidding) is an automated, UKG-approved extension that HR managers can use to simplify and automate internal recruitment efforts.  

Zaddons’ Job Bidding software (our choice for UKG and ADP customers) allows existing employees a chance to rise through the ranks within their organizations.  

The software’s integration with UKG and ADP platforms makes the process seamless, with a straightforward set of business rules that are easy to follow, such as seniority-based awarding. By adopting this next-generation approach to recruitment, companies can prioritize employee growth and career development while at the same time boosting retention rates and overall productivity.

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Why Managers Love It 

The Zaddons extension is beneficial for HR managers because it facilitates a faster hiring process and promotes a transparent recruiting culture. By filling open positions faster, operations can continue uninterrupted, the recruitment process is shortened, and retention rates improve because employees feel challenged and rewarded. 

The tool also allows managers to build a transparent, fair, and inclusive work environment while attracting and retaining top performers. In addition, it helps streamline processes, reduce expenses, and gives managers time to focus on more engaging tasks (which could also improve managerial retention rates). 

 Why Employees Love It 

Adding Job Bidding functionality to your UKG platform gives employees more control and input over their professional career growth and the opportunity to speed up advancement. Adding Job Bidding to your recruitment process may also motivate individuals within your organization to perform better, commit to learning, and be ready to jump on the next opportunity.  

In addition to automating your recruitment process, the Zaddons Job Bidding tool allows you to: 

  1. Reduce costs by promoting from within. By promoting from within through this streamlined system, businesses save time and money on external hiring while retaining talent in-house. 
  2. Automate every angle of recruiting. With this tool, businesses can automate their recruiting process making use of customizable rules related to seniority, qualifications, eligibility criteria, and preferences. They can also automate the creation and distribution of job postings, collect, and rank bids, and notify employees of the results.  

  3. Build a transparent culture. You can increase fairness by providing clear and consistent information to all employees about the available jobs and the bidding criteria. You can also track and audit the bidding history and outcomes, ensuring compliance with company and union policies. The best part: Promoting within often boosts morale, loyalty, employee engagement, and retention.  

  4. Boost compliance. Automating key aspects of recruitment not only reduces manager workload but also minimizes risks associated with human error or potential grievances.  

  5. Securely integrate with UKG. Using Zaddons’ Job Bidding extension, businesses can securely access, house, and share HR data without compromising confidential information by storing it with a third party. 

For businesses looking to stay ahead in today’s competitive, digital landscape embracing automation is crucial. The Zaddons Job Bidding extension for UKG is one of the many integrated HRIS extensions Zaddons offers to make your UKG platform even more powerful.  

Transform Your Recruiting Process. Start Today!

Don't just read about it or take our word for it. Get the tools you need to move your organization forward. Improv is known for its expertise in UKG Workforce Central and Dimensions. However, we're also partners and big believers in the HRIS extension company Zaddons and we're equipped to integrate the tool with your UKG or ADP workforce management system.
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