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Zaddons and Improvizations Announce Strategic Partnership

This Alliance Will Amplify Bidding & Scheduling Power for WFM Customers


BEND, OR & MONTREAL – Oct. 18, 2022 – Zaddons Technologies and Improvisations, Inc. (Improv) are pleased to announce that they have combined their Workforce Management (WFM) expertise and entered a strategic partnership.

The alliance will amplify the market reach of Zaddons’ built-in HRIS extensions and Improv’s expertise in the WFM configuration arena, specifically within UKG.

According to Improv CEO Bryan deSilva, the companies’ combined knowledge within the scheduling and configuration domains is unparalleled and will give Improv clients a robust ROI from a UKG-Zaddons solution.

“The partnership is an industry alliance that will drive effective and elegant workforce solutions for our clients globally,” says deSilva. “Our ability to design exceptional, creative solutions will be expanded by Zaddons’ innovative add-ons.”

Zaddons, founded in 2019, has made a notable mark in the WFM arena in a short time with its powerful, integrated HRIS extensions built to streamline complex scheduling and bidding processes.

“I am extremely excited to partner with Improv,” says Zaddons Managing Director Louis-Sebastien Laprise. “The success of this partnership resides in the complementary expertise of Zaddons and Improv. We share similar company cultures, similar values, and—most importantly—customer centricity.”

The partnership could not have come at a better time. With WFM technology playing an increasingly critical role globally, more companies recognize the competitive need to customize their WFM platforms as much as possible for peak ROI.

Zaddons and Improv have increased their services amidst massive post-pandemic shifts in workforce norms.

Zaddons recently created a Schedule Bidding add-on to help businesses efficiently assign work schedules by automating and simplifying the schedule bidding process. The bidding add-on complements Zaddons’ employee self-serve and scheduling add-ons.

Improv recently rolled out its Flex Support program that offers fast, quality UKG support options to UKG customers. The program zeroes in on solving UKG knowledge and staffing gaps for clients who need to optimize their platforms or those preparing to move from UKG Workforce Central to UKG Dimensions.


About Zaddons

Founded and based in Montreal, Quebec, Zaddons is an integrated HRIS extensions company known for its innovations in WFM technology. Its mission is to simplify complex processes with Employee Self-Service, Bidding (schedule and vacation), and scheduling extensions that elevate user capabilities. They build value-based partnerships with industry-leading Human Resources and WFM implementation and service providers. Learn more at



About Improv

Improvizations is a trusted UKG Partner with 30 years of experience in the WFM arena. It is known for its elite team of consultants and ability to solve complex UKG issues. Improv provides UKG implementations and upgrades and proactive Dimensions migration planning and support. They serve several verticals, including manufacturing, healthcare, education, and government. For more information, visit

Media Contact

Toni Birdsong
Marketing Manager, Improv


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