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May 20 Webinar: How to Create Business Structures in UKG Dimensions

May 20 Webinar: How to Create Business Structures in UKG Dimensions

Planning and building out your Business Structure is one of the most critical steps to a successful UKG Dimensions implementation. In fact, you might compare it to pouring your home’s foundation. A solid Business Structure supports every other module in your system, and if it’s constructed poorly, it may be complicated and costly to fix.

According to Improv Application Consultant III Kevin Wallenhorst, many clients migrating from Workforce Central to Dimensions and even net new Dimensions clients are surprised at the depth of planning required for this implementation step.

"This is your organization’s foundational structure, so everything else you build in Dimensions connects to this one configuration,” says Kevin. "Once you’ve set your Business Structure up, it has to be submitted to UKG for approval before moving on—that’s how critical it is. Once approved, making changes to your Business Structure is difficult. So, you need to put the time into getting it right the first time.”

Improv is dedicating a webinar to the topic next Friday, May 20, so register today.

Kevin offers this tip: "Get together with your team to talk through—or hash out rather—your Business Structure. It makes you think through your processes and your internal hierarchy. Doing this early will save you time during the implementation phase.”

Your Business Structure in Dimensions impacts critical areas such as time cards (which can have general ledger/payroll implications) as well as the complexity of your Job Transfers and Scheduling each week.

Kevin and others from the Improv team will be taking a deeper dive into Business Structures at our May 20 (11:30 AM, PST) webinar. They will also be answering your questions. Grab your lunch and your whole team, and join us!

Register today.

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