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UKG Rolls Out 100+ New Product Names

UKG Rolls Out 100+ New Product Names

Merging two of the world's leading workforce management companies is no small feat. Since Ultimate Software and Kronos, Inc. officially became UKG in April of 2020, the company has been rolling out massive changes, the latest of which is the renaming of UKG's singular product suite. 

The most recent product streamlining effort began in January 2021 and continues today. Here are more product name changes to be on the lookout for. 

New Names, Same Products

There are 100+ name changes that we will see across several key UKG product suites, including Workforce Dimensions (WFD), Workforce Central (WFC), Workforce Ready (WFR), Ulti Pro, Mobile Apps, and Devices.

Note: The only place you'll see the term "Workforce" moving forward is in UKG Workforce Central. UKG Dimensions and UKG Ready have both dropped the word "Workforce" from their descriptors, further distinguishing the product offerings.

Here are just a fraction of the more common name changes you may want to share with your team as they apply. 

Workforce Dimensions

  • Kronos Workforce Dimensions → UKG Dimensions™
  • Kronos Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping → UKG Dimensions™ Timekeeping
  • Kronos Workforce Dimensions Scheduling → UKG Dimensions™ Scheduling
  • Kronos Workforce Dimensions Advanced Scheduling → UKG Dimensions™ Advanced Scheduling
  • Kronos Workforce Dimensions Optimized Scheduling with Forecasting UKG Dimensions™ Forecasting
  • Kronos Workforce Dimensions Absence Management → UKG Dimensions™ Absence
  • Kronos Workforce Dimensions Work → UKG Dimensions™ Activities
  • Kronos Workforce Dimensions Talent Acquisition → UKG Dimensions™ Recruiting
  • Kronos Workforce Dimensions Performance Management → UKG Dimensions™ Performance
  • Kronos Workforce Dimensions Compensation Management → UKG Dimensions™ Compensation

Workforce Ready

  • Kronos Workforce Ready UKG Ready™
  • Kronos Workforce Ready Payroll UKG Ready™ Payroll
  • Kronos Workforce Ready HR UKG Ready™ HR
  • Kronos Workforce Ready Compensation UKG Ready™ Compensation
  • Kronos Workforce Ready Time Keeping UKG Ready™ Time
  • Kronos Workforce Ready Accruals UKG Ready™ Accruals Manager
  • Kronos Workforce Ready Performance Management UKG Ready™ Performance
  • Kronos Workforce Ready Talent Acquisition UKG Ready™ Recruiting

Workforce Central

  • Kronos Workforce Central UKG™ Workforce Central®
  • Workforce Timekeeper UKG Workforce Timekeeper™
  • Workforce Absence Manager UKG™ Workforce Absence Manager
  • Workforce Analytics UKG™ Workforce Analytics
  • Workforce Activities UKG™ Workforce Activities
  • Workforce Scheduler UKG™ Workforce Scheduler
  • Workforce Forecast Manager UKG™ Workforce Forecast Manager

Mobile Apps

  • Kronos Workforce Ready Mobile UKG Ready™
  • Kronos Mobile UKG™ Workforce Central®
  • WF Dimensions UKG Dimensions™

With so many updates, we've admittedly cherry-picked the ones that you may trip on most often during your day-to-day, but consider reviewing the full list to avoid confusion down the road.

You can find the comprehensive list through the UKG Community

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