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Meet Stacey Roberts: Kronos Alum and 'Wicked' Bruins Fan

Meet Stacey Roberts: Kronos Alum and 'Wicked' Bruins Fan

Stacey Roberts describes herself as a “student of software” but not for the reasons you might guess. Sure, she understands the nuts and bolts of how Kronos works. But what draws Stacey to software like a moth to light is the possibility it represents; the configured and yet-to-be-configured ways it can help people do amazing things in the course of an ordinary day.

“The right piece of software applied to the right task is a game-changer; it can make ‘work’ feel less like 'work.' I truly believe we are in the business of helping people. We are helpers,” says Stacey.

The newest member of the Improv Sales team, Stacey says the most rewarding moments in SaaS (Software as a Service) sales come later in the process, post Go-Live. “There's nothing like seeing a piece of technology do what it’s designed to do then go on to transform an entire business.”

Kronos Roots

And the spark that ignited her passion?

“I got lucky; very lucky,” says Stacey. “My first experience in software was at Kronos, where I was placed with a team of very talented people who mentored me and gave me an incredible foundation. Honestly, I learned from the very best.”

At Kronos, Stacey spent most of her time working with Healthcare customers and focused on Time & Attendance, Payroll, HR, and Scheduling products. True to her Bostonian upbringing, you won’t catch Stacey mincing words. 

“Kronos was a tough sales environment. The SaaS market is extremely competitive, and standards are extremely high. I learned I could do really tough things and do them well,” says Stacey. “My time with Kronos truly shaped my career.”

Stacey’s modus operandi in business is simple. Listen more than you speak.

“The most important skill you can master when working with people — especially people who may be frustrated or need help — is listening,” says Stacey. “The more I listen, the more I can hear the real issue a customer is struggling with and offer a better solution; one that's tailored to that pain point.”

According to Improv Director of Business Development, Jenna Mattoon, Stacey’s SaaS expertise, coupled with her passion for problem-solving, made her a natural fit for Improv. 

“Stacey knows the Kronos culture, the products, and the nuances of the platforms. This hybrid point-of-view will be invaluable for Improv clients and for our team,” says Jenna. “We’re thrilled.”

Connect. Solve. Grow.

In her new role Stacey will be responsible for forging new business relationships and advancing Improv’s mission and growth. She will work closely with Kronos customers in the Gaming, Manufacturing, and Healthcare sectors and help the Improv team develop and execute custom configuration plans.

Boston, Mass born and raised, you can find Stacey spending time with her husband and two teenage sons in her off time. And as a proud Bostonian, she's quick to let you know: “The Patriots always have a shot at the Super Bowl,
‘wicked’ is not adjective, it’s an adverb (duh), and a cup at Dunkies beats Starbucks any day.”

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