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Recovery Pivots: The Power of UKG Time Tracking

Recovery Pivots: The Power of UKG Time Tracking

In a post-pandemic economy, companies everywhere continue to grapple with how to transition existing technology to manage remote and hybrid workforces. However, if you've optimized your UKG platform, you already have a number of timekeeping advantages in place. 

Whether you are working with UKG Ready, UKG Workforce Central, or UKG Dimensions, you have critical tools to help you manage a changing workforce. Here are just a few.

6 Time Tracking Superpowers

  1. Payroll accuracy. For those with hourly and shift workers such as healthcare, retail, and manufacturing, tracking when each team member clocks in and clocks out is critical, especially if you’re working on tighter labor margins in 2021, like many companies. Mismanaging overtime can nick your margins as well as lead to compliance violations few can afford right now.
  2. Mobile time tracking. Another way to optimize timekeeping is by making sure remote workers have the option of importing their time data via UKG mobile and desktop apps. UKG mobile is both an efficiency tool right now as well as a brand differentiator when it comes to attracting quality employees—hot topics in HR departments everywhere. Is your workforce behind the times?
  3. Oversight and accountability. Many companies used geofencing features before the pandemic to track remote workers. However, post-COVID, it can be a great accountability tool. Geofencing tools allow managers to see who is working where and can track mobile employees who move from location to location throughout the day. Managers can set a geofence for each work area, so when an employee clocks in outside of the geofence, the manager gets an alert.
  4. Real-time shift coverage. Now more than ever, it’s essential businesses that managers cover shifts promptly to meet both consumer demand as well as operational staffing targets. This is especially critical in the retail and hospitality industries right now. UKG customers continue to leverage (and add) tools such as Advanced Scheduler for more streamlined scheduling and forecasting efficiency post-COVID. 
  5. Reporting and automation. The real-time reporting tools you have as a UKG customer allow you to handle staff working on-site, hybrid, or remote. When it comes to productivity, it’s easy to import data directly (cost savings) and see trends, gaps, and potential issues and make adjustments quickly.
  6. Staff safety and peace of mind. Most all workplaces place a priority on employee safety in a post-COVID environment. For workplaces using a shared timeclock, the UKG mobile app can be used as an alternative to enable workers to punch in and out from their mobile devices. This practice limits the number of times a time clock needs to be cleaned, reduces contact risk, and gives everyone peace of mind.  


The pandemic only accelerated the future of work and will continue to take your team’s workforce and its technology to the mat. The good news: You’ve got the tools—they just need to be targeted. The challenge for HR, Payroll, and IT leaders everywhere will be to stay on top of their technology and training to compete.

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