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Never Worked with a Kronos Consultant? Why It May be Time

Never Worked with a Kronos Consultant? Why It May be Time

It’s easy to make a dozen or so assumptions throughout any given work day. We fill in the blanks of an incomplete picture with our own bias because it helps us make sense of a situation. Too much assumption can work against an organization's success — especially when it comes to technology. 

Take an assumption Western Union made in 1876. After trying out the first telephone, Western Union sent an internal memo that read, “This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us.” 

Ouch — could an assumption have been more flawed? Western Union failed to see the technology's core mechanics and potential power. Assumption, and likely fear of change, eclipsed any vision of what the new technology could do.   

Challenging Our Assumptions

That story got us thinking. What assumptions do people make every day that obstruct the potential of their technology? What processes need to be dismantled and rebuilt to level up our success?

As Kronos consultants, we see this often.  Managers — and entire departments — become so entrenched in established processes, that simple solutions get lost. Managers learn to live with configuration issues or a diluted ROI on their technology instead of applying the fresh thinking of an objective, outside resource.

You've got a friend.A few common assumptions that could be derailing you include: 

“It’s too costly.” It’s a valid thought. Some services aren’t priced to every organization. But math may help here. Calculate: How much is this unfixed issue costing your organization each week? Each month? Annually? That ongoing cost is likely far greater than the cost of hiring a consultant who could save you on labor and potential compliance costs.

“We can do it ourselves.” We get it. We all want to DIY our solutions — especially the ones with price tags. Calculate: What is the hourly pay total of each person internally who would have to invest time in learning how to solve the problem? How does that number compare to a Kronos expert who could remedy the issues — and boost optimization — immediately? Most IT departments don’t have the bandwidth to take on additional Kronos configuration work or analyze the business processes attached their technology.

“It will take too much time.” We get it. Who has the time to slow down and onboard a new vendor right now? Calculate: How many hours are you pouring into manual payroll and scheduling processes each week? A few hours with a Kronos expert could generate blocks of time that managers could spend elsewhere. 

“We’ve never done it that way before.” We all get attached to our processes. However, if that process doesn’t align with or support your Kronos investment and targeted outcomes, it may be time to shake things up.

Making assumptions doesn’t mean you are short-sighted. It means you are human. We're all the same in that we don’t know what we don’t know. The good news? Slowing down to apply the right brains to the right Kronos problems could transform your workforce in no time. 

We’re Wired for Kronos

At Improv, our brains are wired for solving complex Kronos issues. We analyze, re-engineer, and rebuild platforms and processes that hinder peak efficiency. Need a fresh set of eyes on your problem?
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