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Miss Our Webinar on UKG Complex Scheduling? Watch It Here.

Miss Our Webinar on UKG Complex Scheduling? Watch It Here.

Between the work day and the back-to-school rush, this time of year has everyone pressed for time. So, if you missed our last webinar—no worries. We've posted the full recording right here in this blog. 

Learn more about schedule, vacation, and job bidding using the wildly popular UKG-approved extension from Zaddons. And, per our attendees' request for more content on UKG Scheduling automation, we are planning a second webinar with Zaddons so stay tuned!

In this transcript, you'll hear from Zaddons leaders Nathalie Gentile and Patrick Levasseur as they discuss the efficiency and compliance challenges UKG scheduling managers overseeing complex workforces every day.

Learn how to:

Stop relying on workarounds. The biggest threat to your efficiency happens to be the workarounds that seem quite ingenious at the time but actually put your company and your efficiency in jeopardy. The Zaddons crew will teach you how to ditch those Excel spreadsheets, tattered notebooks, and paper systems you've relied on to plan your schedules and vacation time. 

Implement job bidding. Understand how to create schedules that take into consideration specialized workstations, union and government regulations, overtime, fatigue, and changing variables such as staff shortages or industry changes. 

Automate recruiting. Fuse your UKG data and your recruitment process by using Zaddon's job bidding functionality. In a world where finding the right talent is like discovering a unicorn, having flexible scheduling and work-life balance is a magnet for retention.

Optimize your UKG Scheduling. UKG software is a real superhero, no doubt. However, there are times when it can't quite shimmy and shake to accommodate the intricate dance of shift scheduling, vacation bidding, and job bidding required. This is where Zaddons bridges the functionality gap. 

Real Outcomes

The Zaddons solution is the only UKG-approved add-on that fully and seamlessly integrates with your UKG interface and literally extends the power of your scheduling module. Using the Zaddons plugin means:

- Every shift is covered flawlessly.
- Employee preferences are met, no more complicated tango with vacation requests or special shifts.  
- Skilled employees get matched with tasks and workstations that are the perfect fit.
- Minimized downtime, streamlined production processes, and improved customer service.
- Compliance with labor laws and regulations. 

Listen to the webinar. Share it with your team. Set up a 1-1 short demo with us and get excited about the efficiency ready to roar inside your UKG platform. 

Listen to the Webinar



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