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Looking for an HRIS Job You'll Love? Improv is Hiring!

Looking for an HRIS Job You'll Love? Improv is Hiring!

Improv is working to meet the increase in demand for UKG system support by adding to our already stellar team of Application Consultants. In doing so, we've posted two new opportunities. The first is for a Workforce Central Application Consultant and the second is for an HR/Payroll Application Consultant.  

Life at Improv 

As an Improv Application Consultant (AC), you have the unique opportunity to contribute your ideas and expertise to a small, respected UKG consulting firm. Improv ACs work remotely from locations nationwide. Turnover is low because, over the past 25 years, we've been intentional about building a culture people love.

Healthy work-life balance

We understand that you have responsibilities and passions outside of work. Here at Improv, we strive to give our team members the opportunity to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We believe in working smarter not harder. That's why Improv employees have a flexible work schedule and a generous vacation policy.Lemme see you flex.

Remote but remarkable

There's power in numbers. Our culture is defined by strong relationships built on trust. We succeed, fail, and grow together—always. While we each work remotely, we're agile and have achieved a level of collaboration that delivers the best possible experience for our customers.

People over profits

Of course, profitability matters in every business equation. However, could we get there without the efforts of our remarkable people? Not a chance! Once you become part of Improv, your opinion, expertise, and career aspirations count. While our collective goal is to solve software efficiency problems for our clients, our internal focus is setting our team members up for individual success and giving them space to do what they do best. 

Innovators and collaborators

We're creative innovators at heart. During last year's COVID mayhem, we put our heads together to add value and solve problems for our clients. We created a number of targeted HR compliance webinars as well as fast, easy Workforce Central training classes for companies struggling with staffing and WFC knowledge. Learning and innovating is an inherent Improv value we prioritize on our team.

So, let's talk

Check out our job listings, think about the possibilities, and schedule a take with our amazing Improv Recruiter, Colleen Rosales today! 



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