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This One (UKG) Kronos Tool Can End Burnout for Healthcare Workers

This One (UKG) Kronos Tool Can End Burnout for Healthcare Workers
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Creating equitable, compliant schedules for healthcare workers can be a challenge for any hospital. Add COVID-19 to the equation and the need skyrockets. One way to create schedules that support the physical and emotional needs of healthcare workers right now is using Kronos Workforce Scheduler.

There's a cost all-around when healthcare scheduling is misaligned.

According to a 2016 study on Burnout and Doctors, healthcare workers experiencing burnout have an increased chance of making errors at work, and have trouble making decisions and building relationships with coworkers and patients.

Further, doctors and other healthcare workers suffering from burnout can experience depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. This is where the right technology plays a role in helping prevent stress and burnout in a hospital.

Smart Scheduling Kronos for Healthcare = Happy People 

As most Healthcare providers know, the number one way for a person to suffer burnout or frustration at work is by taking too few breaks during a shift or not getting adequate days off. 

The urgent nature of healthcare work — prioritizing patients and dealing with real-time crisis — also makes it tough for doctors and nurses to schedule their time in a healthy (or even legal) way. This is where hospitals can and need to take the lead in creating schedules that keep their people healthy and their organization compliant. 

Utilizing Kronos’ Workforce Scheduler for Healthcare, configured to fit your workforce, can be game changer in terms of efficiency and ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of your workforce. 

A Good Plan is a Good Place to Start

Self-Scheduling Perk

Workforce Scheduler isn't just a great way for employers to schedule their employees; it’s an easy platform for employees to use too. Scheduler increases employee engagement by allowing your team to:

  • Update their schedules remotely

  • Swap shifts

  • Select shift preferences and availability

  • View their schedule from home

  • Get the shifts and breaks they want.

Workforce Scheduler also addresses other daily challenges specific to healthcare managers.

Good UKG Healthcare Data = Good Decisions 

For instance, the centralized platform allows employers to ensure they are dealing with accurate schedules, including knowing who is on-call, how to contact them, and in which department they are scheduled.

The standardized system makes it easy to balance care and increase the level of compliance accuracy. Automated features allow managers to plan and execute employee schedules that comply with legislation, collective agreements, and employee contracts, making it easy to implement quick and equitable staffing decisions when filling open shifts.

Whatever Workforce Management platform you use, it is imperative to have it configured to protect both you and your employees. Optimizing your scheduling tools also positions you to provide the excellent patient care you've always offered – even before COVID-19.

Editor's note: To all of our healthcare clients working tirelessly through this pandemic, we are with you. Thank you for your remarkable contribution. 

Better Solutions. Faster.

At Improv, we shine when it comes to configuring Kronos for healthcare environments. Our expertise with medium and large hospitals runs deep and wide. If you’re not using Kronos’ Workforce Scheduler yet, Improv can help you get started. If you are and have questions, lets talk — we’re here for you!

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