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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Kronos Consultant

Kronos implementations and upgrades are challenging. A recent study by Oxford University revealed that 74% of software projects are challenged or unsuccessful. Similarly, a study by Mercer Consulting found that 80% of software projects cost more then they return. With these types of statistics floating around, it is easy to understand why organizations get uneasy when the time comes to implement or upgrade their WFM software.

Working with an outside consulting firm or Kronos Service Partner can be a great way to avoid becoming a statistic. If your organization is planning for a large Kronos project, one of the most important decisions you can make is who you will work with to complete the project. Choosing a Kronos consultant can be an advantageous decision for three main reasons:

Varying Experience: 

Outside Kronos Consultants have almost seen it all. With more experience, outside consultants can often find unique solutions that others may not discover. 


Bringing in consultants frees up your employees and IT staff to spend time on more important initiatives. 

Neutral Opinion: 

During a WFM project, the IT department and the executive team need to be on the same page in order for proper communication to surround the project. A Kronos Consultant can serve as an unbiased mediator between departments. 

The end goal of any Kronos project is to get the highest ROI possible from the application. Choosing the correct Kronos consultant is a key step in moving towards that end goal. When making the decision on which Kronos service partner to work with, there are 5 key questions your organization should consider:

  1. What are your organizational goals?

Before you can define your destination, you need to know your starting point. Kronos Workforce Central touches everyone within an organization, meaning it needs to be aligned with your organizational goals. A great way to ensure alignment is through a thorough Gap analysis. A comprehensive planning process is the best way to ensure the best results. An experienced Service Partner will take the time to fully assess the culture, requirements, and process of your unique organization, so he/she can factor what pain points must be addressed in order to achieve optimum results.

   2. What is your budget?

Understanding the budget requirements for you Kronos project is a key part of selecting your Kronos consultant. If you are dealing with a complex implementation or upgrade, do not try to fill the gap in your project team with a quick fix consultant. Make room in your budget to hire a partner who really and truly knows how to work with Kronos applications. Hiring a cheap, quick fix consultant is detrimental to the progress of your project and often costs organizations more in the long run because of replacements and project re-dos.

  3. Will you need a Corporate Change Management Strategy and/or Training? 

 Change Management is the process of developing a strategic approach of how to best implement change into an organization. It looks at every aspect of organizational change, including culture, finances, and the technical impact. Instead of focusing solely on the project itself, change management looks at the organization as a puzzle and tries to understand how the new pieces will best fit in with what already exists. The objective is to minimize risk and maximize overall user-adoption. If your employees are not adequately trained on the new or upgraded application, your organization will not see high ROI. A Service Partner should have a comprehensive training plan and understand the human psychology aspect of change.

  4. Is the Kronos Consultant compatible with your corporate culture? 

 Even the best consultant will not perform well in an incompatible corporate culture. Bringing a consultant into your organization is comparable to inviting a stranger into your home: there needs to be an element of trust between you in order for every party to feel comfortable. The service partner your organization chooses needs to match your both your needs and your business processes. Deciding whom to work with can be an arduous process, but it is necessary to ensure good chemistry between your organization and the consultant you choose.

  5. How complex is your IT project

Complexity is unavoidable in any enterprise Kronos implementation or upgrade. Failing to fully account and plan for all variables in the total Kronos equation guarantees an over budget and under-delivered project. When choosing a Service Partner, it is important to understand the complexity of your project so that you can choose the partner with the capabilities and experience that best fit those complexities. The right experience and methodology will make the difference in whether your project is a success or failure.

Your organization is investing substantial labor and financial resources to deploy your workforce management applications. Working with the right team can be the difference between a successful project and a complete disaster. Comprehensive strategic planning with an experienced consultant at the outset of the implementation can save time and money, while increasing the likelihood that the expected benefits will be delivered on time and on budget.

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