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Accruals, Attendance, & Leave, Oh My! How to Leverage Your Ultimate Kronos Group Absence Management Tools

Accruals, Attendance, & Leave, Oh My! How to Leverage Your Ultimate Kronos Group Absence Management Tools

When it comes to learning how to configure your UKG system, one thing's for sure—there's no shortage of new terminology. In the realm of Absence Management in both Workforce Central (WFC) and Dimensions, there's Attendance, Leave, and Accruals. Are these terms important? Yes. Can they be confusing? Also yes.

So let's clear up some of that confusion. 

Depending on your organization’s needs, Absence Management tools are great add-ons for compliance and tracking purposes (and Improv Consultants love to configure them).

Understanding Ultimate Kronos Group Accruals

In the past, UKG (Kronos) sold the licenses for the Accruals, Leave, and Attendance modules separately. To make it easier for customers, they packaged UKG Time and Attendance into one bundle called Absence Management. Recently for Dimensions, UKG dropped the Management and now refers to Dimensions Time and Attendance as simply Absence. For UKG Workforce Central, the bundle is now called Absence Manager

Now that we have that squared away, what modules are included in both Management (Dimensions) and Absence Manager (WFC)?

The three modules are Accruals, Attendance, and Leave, and each can (and should) be configured to meet your organization’s unique workforce needs. Your team may choose to utilize just one module such as Accruals to calculate vacation, sick, PTO, etc. Or, you can use all three. Below is a brief description of each module, which we will go into much more thoroughly at our March 18 webinar (register now to claim your spot)

UKG Time and Attendance Related Modules

  • Accruals. You can use this module to calculate Paid Time Off, Vacation, Sick Time, etc., or have buckets to import those balances from another system into WFC/Dimensions. Time-Off requests can be configured in Timekeeper to relate to balances in the employee’s Accrual buckets/settings. Each component is critical for understanding Kronos Accruals.

  • Leave. UKG Leave management can include a variety of instances. Entering Leave cases includes determining eligibility and posting leave time. This module is utilized for tracking items like maternity, paternity, military, and family leaves. If your organization is manually tracking leave cases/eligibility, this is the module for you. 

  • Attendance: This module calculates/tracks Kronos Attendance points/occurrences. A defined Attendance policy is necessary to configure Attendance Events/Actions. For example, a "late in" is 0.5 point, an unexcused absence is 1 point, and a no call/no show is 4 points. Depending on total points/occurrences, an employee might receive a verbal warning after 3 points, a written warning after 5 points, and a suspension after 7 points.  

Automation = Efficiency

The Absence-related modules can be a big help when automating compliance, recognizing employee achievements/bad habits, and limiting manual-entry spreadsheets. This consultant can attest: Too many companies are still tracking Attendance points in a notebook—eek!

But that's okay; that's why there are consultants who actually enjoy the configuration process. It's no exaggeration to say that Absence is a fun module to test. That's because part of the testing process is allowing our clients to give the test employee enough points to terminate them, and (for some reason), people always have fun naming their test employees.

Hopefully, this post helped explain the complexities of Absence Management. Our Mar. 18 webinar will take a much deeper dive into the nuances of this powerful UKG tool. Register now and get the training you need. 

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One day you don't want to be absent.



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