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July 22 Webinar: Dimensions Business Structures Part 2

July 22 Webinar: Dimensions Business Structures Part 2

Back by popular demand, Improv is delivering a second webinar on How to Create Business Structures in UKG Dimensions. Join us as we continue exploring how the Dimensions Business Structure configuration impacts both Timecards and Advanced Scheduler.

As we learned in May, if you are moving from UKG  Workforce Central to UKG Dimensions or implementing  Dimensions net new, the attention you give your Business Structure is comparable to correctly pouring the foundation beneath a new home. It’s the first element to go in the ground and its quality will determine if the structure will stand or fall. 

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If you're a little surprised with the weight given to the Dimensions Business Structure configuration, you're not off-base. With next-gen software, comes next-gen change. The shift, especially for those accustomed to UKG Workforce Central, could be very different. That's why we're dedicating two webinars (and perhaps more) to this migration-critical topic. 

Let the Planning Begin

And the best time to begin your Business Structure planning? According to our in-house pros, ideally, your team should gather early to map a Business Structure before your Dimensions migration or implementation begins.

Even if you're still working on WFC, understanding what's ahead will give you a proactive edge when it's time to make the shift to Dimensions. 

Get this implementation step wrong or create it in haste, and not only will it be costly to modify later, but doing so could severely delay your implementation timeline (cha-ching!)

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Improv Application Consultants Kevin Wallenhorst and Carlos Verdin will be your webinar guides showing you how the Dimensions Business Structure configuration impacts workflow functions such as Time Cards (which can have general ledger/payroll implications) and Advanced Scheduler.

If you missed our first Dimensions Business Structure webinar, no worries, you can listen to the May 20 recording here.

Feel free to forward this registration link to your team—the more the merrier! Our UKG system experts will be answering questions at the end of the webinar.

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Let's Configure It Out™

Remember: At Improv, we're in your corner. As experienced UKG consultants, we care about your success. It's our mission to equip our clients with the UKG system superpowers they need to soar. (To be honest, we're a tad obsessed with that purpose).

Getting ready to migrate from UKG Workforce Central to Dimensions? We can help. Implementing Dimensions as a new UKG customer? We can help. Having trouble getting the training your team needs? Yep. We can help.  Let's start the conversation today.

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