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Introducing WFC Training Designed for the Way You Actually Work

Introducing WFC Training Designed for the Way You Actually Work

It's simple: Well-trained people work smarter, stay longer, and improve outcomes. 

Here at Improv, we believe training determines outcomes. Great training? Impressive outcomes. Poor training? Yeah, you get it. We also believe that training shouldn't be just a ho-hum task to check off a list. Training should be engaging, relevant, and hey — even a little fun!

For that reason, we've created UKG Super Guru Training Courses designed for the way Admins and frontline managers actually work.

Why Super Guru?

Gurus master their skills. They embody a learning mindset and see knowledge as the key to unlocking doors. They continually strive for peace with their environment — even if that environment is constantly changing. 

We've been in workforce management for nearly 30 years and have learned that it's not the software but the people using it that have the power to render amazing outcomes. Also, it's training, not intelligence or tech ability, that empowers people to successfully contribute and enjoy their work.

That confidence and joy are what we strive to share and nurture in the people we serve every day, whether they are working on WFC, Workforce Ready, or Workforce Dimensions.

A Solid Foundation

We're starting at the foundations to help UKG Admins build a framework that will support every other functionality layer within their WFC environment.

Hence, our debut course now available, Mastering the Foundations of Workforce Central. Packed with over 50 video lessons, 7+ hours of training, the course offers in-the-trenches WFC fundamentals, including lessons on Navigators, Function Access profiles, Pay Codes, Genies, and so much more.

Upcoming Super Guru courses include WFC Intermediate, WFC Advanced, and a Workforce Dimensions Intro and Deep Dive course. Be sure to sign up for new course alerts.

IntroducingSuper Guru Training.


Our introductory Super Guru Training path is ideal for UKG Admin and Managers looking for real-world, job-based training and the bonus of accessible, expert instructors. 

Improv Managing Director, Audrey Mattoon, believes this format will be a game-changer for teams that need fast, easy, applicable training.
"Most Kronos training is complex and extremely dry," says Audrey. "There's a lot the application can do and a lot of information to master, so it can feel difficult to focus and to know what will be most important for your day-to-day work."

She adds, "Super Guru is designed from our decades of experience assisting end-users and frontline managers. We've tried to infuse that energy and hands-on understanding of the application in every element of the training. So far, the response has been great!"

Preview a Course

Super Guru training also gives UKG Admins the unique opportunity to be part of a collaborative, peer community that includes a direct communication line to Improv Application Consultants and weekly bonus training content. All those questions that come up daily in your workflow? Yep, bring 'em.

The first course also includes job aids, exclusive instruction manuals, and downloads to add to your WFC reference tools.

For teams looking for a bit more hands-on guidance, tiered pricing includes Gold and Platinum packages, which offer one-to-one personal work sessions with senior Improv consultants.

Here's a sneak preview of our lesson on Function Access Profiles, led by one of our WFC experts and Super Guru Carlos Verdin. 

Who Needs this Class?

Whether you are a new or mid-level UKG Admin with skill gaps or a frontline manager who was never trained in the basics of your WFC platform, this class is for you.

For Students. This foundational WFC course will help you sharpen your skills, see new pathways in your system, and find faster solutions to the workforce issues you encounter each day. 

For Sponsors. For the Manager or Student Sponsor, Super Guru Courses will help you close training gaps and build a team of skilled, trusted UKG Admins to support your changing workforce. Translation: Clarity + Confidence = ROI.

Take a peek at our classes and start growing those guru skills today. We'll see you on the path! 

Your Technology Shouldn't
Make You Cry.

There, we said it. Technology can be frustrating. It can also bust open incredible doors that will transform your workflow (and your mindset) — if you take the time to learn it.

WFC was designed to add structure, efficiency, and ease to your workforce. Let us show you how. 

Choose your path. Find your groove. Enjoy your work.

Let's get started!

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