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New Workforce Features to Boost Efficiency and Compliance

New Workforce Features to Boost Efficiency and Compliance

Kronos recently made several significant enhancements to modernize the Workforce Ready (WFR) that are designed to give users even more efficiency and reporting power. 

Enhancements include a new User Interface experience (UI), intelligent solutions, release tools for HR & Payroll, greater report and information visibility, increased automation for routine tasks for compliance, and enhancements for international reporting.

If you are a WFR customer, you can leverage these features to evaluate and optimize your workflow as well as improve operational outcomes. Here's a summary.

New Features

Let’s discuss a few of the new WFR features and some of the functionality improvements you can expect.

  • International EINs. Many organizations have multiple Employer Identification Numbers (EIN). Yet, before the new enhancement, it was impossible to have multiple EIN’s set up in the system to accommodate organizations that have international locations. We've had a lot of questions at Improv regarding this feature and different configuration issues. Customers have reported internal errors when trying to access an employee’s profile in a multi-EIN company. Because the prior system was unclear, managers often deleted an employee's primary EIN profile. Configuration Tip: Be sure to change the primary profile first if the profile you need to erase is currently the primary profile.

  • Mass Edit Automation. Automation allows internal teams to save time, verifying compliance. This is a feature many WFR customers have asked for that allows the HR, Payroll and System Administrations to save time.

  • Improved User Interface. Many customers have a little more time to implement the New User Experience (UI) due to the Coronavirus disruption. WFR's new look makes navigating the platform and locating information more straightforward, which may give you a noticeable efficiency boost.

These WFR enhancements will allow your team to optimize, streamline, and achieve a higher ROI from your technology. Even so, the other part of that equation is making sure your team understands how to use these enhancements in their job. 

Are Your People on Board?

New functionality alone can't improve a workflow. A successful upgrade or implementation includes training time to equip your team to use the tools the way they were designed to be used. If your organization doesn't adopt and use these tools in the reality of their job function, ROI will suffer. 

Any change can be overwhelming for Kronos administrators and WFR users. Staying ahead of updates, implementing well, designing change management, and a training plan — is a lot of ground to cover to ensure your platform returns as expected. This is especially true when it comes to enhanced functionality created to help enforce government regulations that have to be implemented immediately. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) is an excellent example of this sudden and critical compliance change. 

In moving forward with any implementation, upgrade, or service pack, it's essential to analyze your current platform. Ask yourself: Is it doing what it needs to do daily? Is it fully automated? Are we making data-driven decisions daily? Answering these essential questions will keep your technology goals and ROI on track. 

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Have You Considered a Partner?

Many companies experiencing erratic workflows during this national health crisis have hired Kronos consultants to A) expedite ongoing Corona-related scheduling and leave configurations and B) to tune-up and optimize their Kronos technology before their workforce reopens full-time. 

Taking this time to assess your Kronos system and implement a partial or full optimization plan is a powerful way businesses can begin rebuilding a new, more efficient workforce. 

Improv can help. 

Industrywide, Improv is known for its ability to design configurations that help Kronos users get the most from their workforce platforms. Be it WFR, Workforce Central, or Workforce Dimensions, we ensure your technology is tied directly to your organizational goals.

During the upgrade or optimization process, our full-time consultants will analyze your technology and business processes, design change management and user adoption strategies, and help you explore enterprise-wide integration solutions. Please connect today for an initial free consultation. We're here. We care. 

Optimize or bust!

Ready to learn more? Here's free resource to help you map out the scope of a WFR optimization project. Enjoy!

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