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How to Configure WFC License Threshold Notifications

How to Configure WFC License Threshold Notifications

We all know the scenario: You have a new employee to enter but you've run out of licenses, which could wreak havoc on your payroll process. Fortunately, UKG Workforce Central (WFC) allows you to quickly set up a Workflow Notification to assist with software license tracking.

The default license threshold is 90 percent which can be updated. Every company's purchasing process is different, impacting how many licenses you need. If your organization’s purchasing process is complicated, you might consider updating the threshold to 80 percent. Here's how:

Setup > System Configuration > System Settings > Email tab >

The threshold percentage cannot be overridden in the Workflow Notification.

Set up threshold notifications

STEP 1 how-to-screenshot-1

  • Choose the Workflow Notifications option from Setup > System Configuration

  • Click New



  • Select the Server Notification

  • Click on OK


  • Select License from Service dropdown

  • Click on Add Notification



  • Enter email addresses in Recipients box

  • Click on Save

  • You can also enter a custom email message by selecting the Edit option under Notifications

As you can see, your UKG platform has smart mechanisms that can be productivity and efficiency game changers if you take the time to set them up. Using the Notifications helps administrators be proactive with their workflows, instantly understand their environments, and respond accordingly.

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