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WFC Upgrade FAQ: Your Top Questions Answered

WFC Upgrade FAQ: Your Top Questions Answered

With all browsers dropping Flash support in late 2020, just about every Kronos Workforce Central (WFC) customer is either planning for, or is in the thick of, a system upgrade right now. So, here's a helpful list of the Most Frequently Asked Questions that address the platform's latest upgrades.

WFC Upgrade FAQ

What's happening with the Flash-free update?

Because Adobe will no longer support Flash by the end of 2020, popular browsers will only load Kronos software that uses HTML5. This means WFC users will need an upgrade to transition smoothly from Flash-dependent system components to the new HTML equivalents. 

According to Kronos, it is in the process of removing Flash components from Workforce Central. Most customers will be Flash-free in v8.1.3, and customers using the staffing widget will be Flash-free by the end of 2019.

What are my options?

As a WFC user, you have one of three Flash-free options:

Option 1: Upgrade to Workforce Central v8.1.6 (releasing in December 2019).
Option 2: Migrate to Workforce Dimensions
Option 3: Transition to Workforce Ready

Is there a drop-dead date to upgrade to v8.1.3?

For a smooth transition to new browsers, Kronos customers need to have upgrades and all testing done before the end of 2020.

What can I expect during this upgrade process? 

A Flash-free upgrade is a two-step approach. Step one will occur in version 8.1.3, and the second removal of Flash will be by the end of 2019. The upgrade should be smooth with minimal disruption to our Workforce Central customers and allow you enough time to prepare for upgrading WFC or migrating to Dimensions. 

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How do I upgrade from version v.x.x to 8.1.3? 

Upgrade to 8.1 and apply service pack 3. Once you are on 8.1.3, run the HTML Migration Event. For additional configuration or upgrade assistance be sure to connect with an experienced Kronos consultant

What happens if my team doesn't upgrade or migrate?

WFC customers who can't migrate from the Flash Navigator before end of 2020 should maintain a version of the browser that supports Flash to ensure that client operating systems and browser combination is maintained. This could mean turning off auto-updates for browsers or rolling back browsers to a previous version that supported Flash.

If you stay on the WFC Flash Navigator past the date your browser vendor supports Flash, you'll need to develop a browser maintenance strategy so that your WFC workflow isn't disrupted. Please note: It's not guaranteed that your browser will make older versions available for download. By staying on an older Flash version of a browser, there may be vulnerability risks and compatibility issues.

There are workarounds to re-enable Flash on browsers that have already started to block Flash. For example, Google recently released the Chrome Browser version 76 (that is not Flash-enabled), but workarounds like this one can hold you over until you upgrade. 

Will Flash be removed from older WFC versions? 

There are no plans to remove Flash from older versions. Only WFC 8.1 and above will be Flash free. While there is no action required on older versions, Kronos highly recommends users of older versions to upgrade to V8.1 for new features, technology, and security updates.

Kronos will continue to provide defect repair support for the current version and two versions back. So, that means support will be available for 8.1, 8.0, and 7.0. 

When is the Flash-free Staffing Widget update coming?

The staffing widget is an Advanced Scheduler tool that allows WFC users to manage and update multiple unit schedules at once and fill open shifts. The update releases in December 2019.

Is the upgrade from WFC v8.0 to v8.1 a significant upgrade? 

This specific upgrade will require 8.1 to be installed on a separate server from 8.0 so, yes, it is considered a major version release. 

What WFC features will be unaffected by the Flash-free transition?

The Flash-free upgrade will not affect WFC HR, Payroll, Kronos Mobile or Tablet, Telestaff, or Analytics components.

Will this upgrade affect our WFC Single Sign-On? 

No, there will be no impact to your Single Sign-On ability.


Ready to upgrade to Flash-free WFC but need some help? Give Improv a call today. We can help with all WFC upgrades, Workforce Ready, and Workforce Dimensions. 



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