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Corona + Kronos: Latest News Briefs and Resources

Corona + Kronos: Latest News Briefs and Resources

It's the third week of workforce uncertainty for businesses around the world as everyone does their best to stay healthy, be patient, and respond wisely to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Questions swirl: How long will this last? Are my people as safe as possible? Will my staff and business be able to bounce back? What resources are available to help? What can I do right now? What does the future hold?

With so many variables and unknowns, no one has the inside track on the answers to those questions. However, information is power and what our team can commit to is giving you Kronos information that increases clarity and helps you better navigate this crisis. 

Here are Kronos-specific news briefs and resources to help you gain some clarity on managing the impact of COVID19 on your workforce. 

Tracking COVID-related expenses in Kronos. Over the past two weeks, Improv has held two webinars to address a handful of Covid + Kronos workflow issues. For Listen in below if you need insight on how to enter pay codes, log and track attendance, and understand how to configure leave and accruals.Improvizations Covid-19 Webinar Recording: Part 1

Kronos configuration options for sick and hazard pay. New Corona information and legislation emerges each week that we will try to share. To gain insight into new FMLA changes, tracking Processes and Tasks in Kronos, Hazard and Pandemic Pay,  and Workforce Ready changes, listen in to our March 27 webinar below. This timely content also includes a video demo on entering Sick Pay in Kronos.

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COVID-19 discussion group. For those with access to the Kronos portal, there's a discussion group that may help you quickly resolve some common Corona-related workflow issues.

More COVID-related WFR functionality on the way. Kronos posted in it's discussion group recently that although pay codes were released for the Families First Response Act, more information is on the way. Forthcoming, are vendor tax exports that will include 1) federal tax credits and modified pay codes to reflect the new codes and credits and 2) modified payroll recap/funding report to reflect new earning codes and credits. Kronos recently posted: "We have a solution defined and are now in the process of developing and testing." 

Dimensions HCM and Kronos payroll modifications. There's good news for Kronos payroll services customers and those working with ADP and Ceridian tax filing services. According to Kronos, a solution is in process on how to manage the new employee retention credit and the payment deferral for employers 2020 FICA taxes without interrupting related payment and filing services. Stay tuned!

10 ways to mitigate the COVID impact. Kronos has posted a helpful download that explores different ways to respond to the current workforce crisis. The download addresses critical concerns such as how to minimize risk of employee infection, job disruption, reputation and compliance risks, how to prepare for productivity loss, working remotely, and creating a business path forward from here. 

CDC guidance for businesses and employers. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides a useful guide for companies that covers critical COVID issues such as reducing infection, maintaining healthy business operations, social distancing in the workplace, and conducting safe meetings. 

Work & learn from home guide. Google has amassed best practices for people now working from home. It covers setting up technology, video conferencing tutorials, productivity, document sharing, and managing homeschool responsibilities, this guide covers every aspect of the new workforce reality. 

SBA loans and resources. This site is the hub for The Small Business Association's array of COVID relief including paycheck protection, economic disaster loans, debt relief, bridge loans, and much more. 

COVID legislation: The Department of Labor outlines everything employers and employees need to know about the COVID-related impact on FMLA paid leave

Free digital skills training. This Google portal can help individuals increase additional technical skills that will help them find work or improve their position post-Corona. 

Register for next webinar! Join us for Improv's Covid19 + Kronos webinar #3 on April 10 at 11 am, PST. Stay tuned for topic list. Click the link below to Register TODAY. 

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We're here. We care.

Improv is committed to bringing as much certainty to your Kronos workflow as possible during incredibly uncertain times. Please connect if we can serve your team in any way. Together, we will find the solutions that will help us all come out on the other side of this challenge stronger than ever before.



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