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Change Management: Why Training is Critical to Your UKG Implementation

Change Management: Why Training is Critical to Your UKG Implementation

When it comes to introducing new technology to your employees, there are no shortcuts. System Training, as an integral part of Change Management, is critical to a successful UKG software implementation or upgrade. In fact, skipping this piece of your implementation may tank your system ROI.

According to the Change Management experts at Prosci, 25% of tech projects fail outright, 20% to 50% percent show no ROI, and up to 50% need massive reworking when finished. Clearly, most of us have work to do in this area.

Training for Change

Change Management focuses on Training as an integral part of an implementation or upgrade plan. Without the proper system training, employees can feel unprepared and even scared of using new software. The result? Employees that don’t fully embrace a new technology will end up only using a fraction of the system’s functionality. In addition, they may use it incorrectly. This holds true with a net new technology implementation or a technology upgrade.  

This is where understanding Change Management can be an indispensable part of a successful UKG implementation plan.  

Let's Get Personal

A Training plan will help your organization transition to the new software and enable employees to learn and feel comfortable using the system. When Change Management plays a central role into an implementation plan, it's proven that employees not only adopt faster, but they also actually embrace the change.  

Training is a crucial building block in realizing your workforce goals. It allows organizations to see the Return on Investment (ROI) through their front-line managers and employees adopting and embracing new technology. But to get there, employees need to see the benefit a new software brings to their daily tasks. They need to personalize how the new technology simplifies their daily tasks and makes their jobs easier.  

Why is Change Management and Training so important to organizations, you may ask? Studies have shown that when employees are engaged and motivated, they feel purpose and tend to stay in a position or organization longer. And, these days, less attrition factors into a company’s ability to compete. 

Power up your training

There are many benefits to including Change Management in your next UKG implementation plan. Here are three things we have found key to successful Change Management.  

Benefits of Training

  • Training informs and unites. Employees need to understand the reasons for the technology change and what the UKG software system can do 1) for organizational outcomes and 2) for them personally. Taking the time to communicate these messages is at the heart of Change Management and will directly impact the success of your implementation. According to Prosci, three questions your training plan should answer are "Why are we doing this?", "Why are we doing this now?" and "What happens if we don't?"

  • Training Improves User Adoption. Managers must set their employees up for success. That means that the people using the new system need to learn it correctly. So be sure your Change Management addresses different learning styles. Be aware of resistant learners and modify training when necessary. When employees have the knowledge to navigate through their system the right way (no workarounds), they feel empowered and user adoption naturally rises. In addition, they will pass on correct training to future employees. 

  • Training Builds Engagement. Employees that feel confident in the new technology will use the system successfully. Increasing Employee Engagement requires an awareness of which employees are learning quickly and which ones need additional or revised Training. Paying attention to these nuances will build up Employee Engagement around your implementation. Engaged employees will use the system correctly and inspire—or even train—other employees to adapt as well. Attaining this level of Engagement is ideal in the implementation process.  

Your new technology houses hardware; a lot of code, circuitry, and processors. Change Management zeroes in on people and how they (do or do not) interact with new hardware. Training bridges the two since you can't implement the first without the second. Remember: People change for themselves. So, the more personal you can make your next technology change, the more successful it will be.  

Is Your Team Struggling to Adapt?

Embracing change doesn't come naturally. In fact, every instinct in us tends to rise up and resist change. This reluctant to learn and adapt new technology can impede your UKG workforce outcomes. Improv can help. Connect with us today. Help is just a click away. 

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