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Revisiting a Quick Q&A on PTO in Workforce Timekeeper

There has been a lot of feedback that has come my way regarding the questions that were answered in the last blog entry on PTO. The purpose of this entry is to expand on those answers, clarify them and provide a little more substance to them. So let's look at these questions again...

When is the vacation time charged against the employee’s bucket?

Each accrual, when configured, has a setting for Overdrafts that control when the accrual time is taken from the employee's bucket. The two choices are "Balance on Date Taken" and "Balance on Current Date". They are pretty self explanatory.  If I make a request for October 1, 2012 and the "Balance on Date Taken" setting is used, the time is taken from the accrual on October 1, 2012. If the accruals is taken for the same request, but the "Balance on Current Date" setting is used, the time taken in October would be removed from the employee's accrual account today. There are advantages and disadvantages two both settings. 

Will Workforce Timekeeper block an employee's PTO request if they don't have the time?

As stated previously, it depends on two things. First and foremost, your accrual policy. Workforce Timekeeper is configured based on that policy, where? Once again, the overdraft settings. If there is a difference between what you have stated in your employee handbook and what happens in Kronos, chances are this is where to look. 

Can Kronos Timekeeper provide one total for all PTO time an employee has used?

The term used, Grand Total Pay Codes is in error. Plane and simple, I got it wrong. The correct term should be Combined Pay Codes. Grand Total Pay Codes may have been used in some other Kronos platform (iSeries maybe?) but I just don't remember which one, or why I applied it here. Please be aware that my hand has been slapped prodigiously (really hard), and I have learned my lesson. Your patience is greatly appreciated. 

So, are you using your accruals in an innovative way? Do you have any questions about how your accruals are set up? Do you simply want to get in line and slap my hand? Regardless, leave a comment below and let us know what you are thinking. 


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