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5 Ways Dell Boomi Accelerates Time to Value

5 Ways Dell Boomi Accelerates Time to Value
Boomi integration

Time to Value is the amount of time it takes a new customer to realize value from your product or service. The goal: Shorten Time to Value, build a repeatable experience, and earn more marketshare. One way to accelerate Time to Value is to continually improve the efficiency of your internal processes.

A big step toward increasing efficiency is integrating your scattered data sources into a single interface with the help of an iPaaS (integration platform as a service).

Streamlining applications, systems, and data with an iPaaS is more than just a cool business buzz. Employing an iPaaS is fast becoming a fundamental efficiency tool in a company’s competitive arsenal. An iPaaS is faster and more efficient than the old-school method of building each integration from scratch.

The bottom line: Hours and dollars returned to your workflow translates to faster Time to Value.

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

If you find yourself reinventing the wheel for widely-used enterprise application integrations like such as Kronos, Oracle or any other major SaaS (software as a service) platform, there’s a way to work smarter, not harder.

Using an iPaaS such as Dell Boomi — the choice for Improv Integration Specialists — it’s possible to leverage pre-built mapping and orchestration rules already successfully in use by other companies. The only hands-on time required is to customize the mapping to fit your specific business need.

According to a new Forrester Consulting study, enterprises eliminate $2.6 million in legacy integration costs over three years by moving from on-premise integration middleware to Dell Boomi’s cloud-native integration platform. It's not uncommon for some organizations to spend up to 70 percent of their time maintaining legacy on-premise middleware with routine tasks such as upgrades, hotfixes, and patches. 

2020 Goals: Speed & Productivity 

The days of painstakingly planning, coding, and rolling out integrations are fast becoming extinct. Organizations can no longer afford a lengthy integration plan couched in a million meetings and derailed by an ever-looming IT backlog.

The new goal: Get internal integrations up and running as fast as possible and realize outcomes sooner. And what exactly does “fast” look like? Two to five times faster — and at times — up 10-times faster when it comes to development time. 

5 Ways Boomi Accelerates Time to Value

  1. Reduces the costs associated with poor data quality. According to Gartner, poor quality data costs business $15 million a year. Even small errors can stall projects and impede processes. Data snags happen when incomplete information, misspellings of a vendor or customer name, or address changes create two versions of data. These snags compromise data quality and are time-consuming to analyze and correct.

    Boomi’s Master Data Hub allows IT to quickly reconcile, match, cleanse, and enrich contradictory information to create "golden records" that can be replicated across applications. Power to the people
  2. Provides a low-code, cloud-native environment. The iPaaS radically changes the developer environment by providing a low-code environment, pre-packed templates, built-in connectors, and drag and drop tools allowing faster integrations between applications. If the integration is a little more tricky, say connecting to legacy apps, Boomi includes generic protocols and an API Management module to make the process easier. A centralized cloud-native platform eliminates traditional install and management of integration development interfaces (IDEs). The bottom line: Boomi tools + cloud power translates to faster Time to Value.

  3. Allows fast data discovery and access. It’s becoming harder for companies to keep track of and access the array of applications and data they've amassed. Trying to locate data is frustrating and can zap the momentum of a new initiative. Disparate data creates two obstacles that impede Time to Value: A) Integrations get built on poor assumptions, and B) valuable data remains untapped and underutilized. 

    Alternatively, Boomi gives integration teams a catalog that allows it easy access to systems, applications, and company assets, speeding up the integration as well as inspiring more innovation. A task that used to take days or weeks — submitting data management request to IT and waiting for a response — using Boomi, takes minutes.

  4. Uses crowd-sourced mapping, automated testing. Integrations can get complicated quickly because of the custom work involved in mapping and testing. Boomi changes that scenario. Increasingly, SaaS applications like Kronos now offer access to their services via accessible APIs. Too, Boomi offers out-of-the-box (OOTB) connectors to these applications. Approximately 75 to 80 percent of integration work in Boomi can be achieved through crowd-sourced contributions, AI, automated data mapping, and regression testing. To date, there are more than 100 million data mappings collected over 12 years available in the Boomi cloud. 

  5. Enables edge-based integration with IoT. Time to value is also increased by deploying integrations at the network edge, which includes the Internet of Things, external partner and customer devices, and point of sale terminals. The digital marketplace now demands instant data computing capabilities and company response time. Boomi Atoms enable real-time connectivity, self-upgrades, automated regression testing, and management from a centralized console. Companies can deploy the Atom's real-time computing power in a way conventional integrations can’t. 

Choosing the right integration tool is critical in meeting the market's demand for digital transformation. These are just a few ways Boomi can boost your internal efficiency and improve Time to Value. 

Is your organization ready to bring all of its data into one, powerful hub? The Improv Integration Specialists can help. Give us a call today. 

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